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The water Pollution we faced in Myanmar


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  • Exhaust Gas Treatment

    Integrated processing system for VOCS-RCO Integrated processing system for VOCS-RCO. It is able to complete the remove all harmful air pollotion matters like VOCS. More

  • Exhaust Gas Treatment

    Pulse Dust Collector For Exhaust Gas Treatment This process is mainly used for some industrial exhaust gas/flue gas/waste gas treatment. Some exhaust gas is including many solidity while discharging. So the first step is remove solidity in the air with different types of solidity removal equipment including Pulse dust collector which is efficient. More

  • MBR membrane bioreactor

    MBR Membrane Bioreactor For Waste Water Treatment This is the main process of the waste water treatment plant.The pollution matters will be mostly about 99% removed after processed in the processure.It is including Anaerobic technology,Oxydgen dificit technology and aerobic reaction technology during this processure. More

The water Pollution we faced in Myanmar

  • 18 Jun, 2019

Since the ecnomic developing faster.More and more pollution generate like gas polution and water polution.As we know,water and gas are the factor of living.We couldn't be servive if we loose it.Now we must improve our environmental protection awareness and action now.Our company Green And Blue Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd is willing to provide advanced technology on water treatment to every countries.We are aim at bring u a green land and blue sky.

The water pollution we faced in Myanmar became serious already.And it is time to solve it without hesitation.The water pollution related with our daily life.We can not ignore that any more.Let's join us to fight it together.

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